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to act as the Founders of the Lodge and in particular the Hon. Robert Eliot, at that time Provincial Grand Master of Cornwell, and Marcus Anwyl-Davies, QC. These two members had known Christopher Bostock when the three of them were in residence in 1942 and they decided to bring him in as third Founder despite his lack of Masonic importance.

The Lodge was formed in 1989 with Kevin Wing as secretary and Robert Eliot as Master. Kevin Wing had lined up a number of young men keen to become Masons and had persuaded a number of older people, who were already Masons, to join the Lodge. This ensured that the Lodge was kept busy for the first few years and gave the junior members a good insight into what the work involved and how much Masonic ritual had to be learned during the active lifetime of a Mason: the answer being not too much and quite fun to learn once you put your mind to it.